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    Hacking days are over

    A possible way to convert Sony MPF 920 to be compatible with Atari ST (F/FM/E) small button drive cases.

    Failing drives are common with Atari ST computers nowadays. Because Atari used a nice but hard to find design for the floppy drives, you need to modify the top case in order to add the replacement drive in.

    I personally not fan of hacking the original top (I hate it in fact) so with 3D printing available for cheap I'm looking for a solution to use the popular and easy to find Sony MPF-920 drives in Atari STs.

    The solution is simple, the bezel is atari compatible on the front and clips onto the MPF-920 as it's original bezel. The door and eject button is adjusted as well.

    Please note: When installing the MPF920 you need to turn the floppy cable around, which means you might need to extend it.

    Also, drive ID must be adjusted (From D1 to D0), this means repositioning a small smd resistor. I'm not covering these mods in this article.

    I've done the 3D modelling the next step is to get it printed and test if prototype works as I wanted.


    29/07/2016  - I sent the first files to print, waiting for them to arrive.


    Sony MPF-920


    Atari drive, Epson SMD-380 (In the STs the LED is not visible, no LED colour cap)


    A hacked atari case