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    Atari 520 ST FM Super Pack

    This is a standard 520 ST FM bundled with software. There is a big blue sticker on one side of the box showing the included games.

    Price on box: 399.99

    Disk A: Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of DOH, Wizzball
    Disk B: Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriros
    Disk C: Beyond the Ice palace, Thrust, Thundercast
    Disk D: Marble Madness
    Disk E: Chopper X, Roadwars
    Disk F: Summer Olympiad
    Disk G: Seconds Out
    Disk H: Black Lamp, Quadralien
    Disk I: Eddie Edwards Super Ski
    Disk H: Starquake, Xenon
    Disk K: Return to Genesis, Zynaps
    Disk L: Test Drive
    Other disk: Explorer+ (St Tour, Desk Accessories, Organiser/Ranarama)

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