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    Atari ST water transfer printed top

    I had this in my mind for a while and didnt' want just to buy an off shelf product, I wanted my ST to be personalised.

    Ever since I saw Ernie76's designs, especially this ( I wanted to do something like that, however I'd never cover the grill of the ST, even though it breaks up the graphics.

    So I made a list of my childhood favorites and openned Photoshop...



    I did a 3d model of the ST before so it was easy to tweak and fine tune graphics based on the 3d renders.


    Once I was happy, I sent the graphics to print. received the film and activator. Size is a 90x42cm from ebay.

    The guy called me almost immediately telling me that graphics quality was "rubbish". Well, just print it please, this is how it meant to be and most of it won't be seen anyway, I replied. The useful graphics is in the middle so the sides are just fillers really, but I might use the leftover to cover a badly retrobrighted mouse too.

    Next phase is the dipping.
    Make sure you have help. It is very difficult to manage this size on your own. It was for me anyway.

    This is the top right after dipping, without finishing coat. As you can see the Atari badge is still covered (just mask the areas you don't want to print).

    This is a close up showing that this way I was also able to cover up a cracked corner. This top was on my first ever ebay purcase, an 520ST fm from Bristol to Kecskemet, and of course received it damaged.
    That ST has a new top since and this was a spare. The water transfer is really forgiving when it comes to problems like this.

    Assembled ST:

    List of games:
    Hostages, Hunter, Hiscon Rescue, Nautilus, Rodland, F1GP, Supercars II, Lotus Esprit, Teenage Queen, Space Racer, Another World, Joe Blade (of course), Gods, Chuck Rock, North&South, Golden Axe, Vroom, Sim City, Titus the Fox, The Toyottes, Lemmings, Price of Persia, Robocop III, Rick Dangerous, Falcon F-16, Treasure Island Dizzy, SpeedBall II, Panza Kick Boxing, World Trophy Soccer, custom desktop with drives renamed (designed by - Robson)

    An advice if you want to do something like this:
    - Have a helping hand. The film for this is too big to handle alone.