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    Atari 4160 ST Dark Mod

    This project was inspired by an Atari ST2 concept. I like the design and wanted my ST to look like that.

    Here is the end result, based on a 520 STfm.

    Finished project 01

    Technical info:
    - Atari ST 4160 full black with LED backlit keyboard (The custom made Atari badge is actually a button controlling the brightness)
    - Blitter
    - Switchable 1/4MB RAM
    - Switchable 8/16Mhz CPU booster
    - Switchable Mono/Stereo audio
    - S-Video out
    - Lotharek Floppy drive emulator
    - TOS 1.04 upgrade
    - Black mouse + custom made mouse mat

    More info about the progress here.

    Finished project 02

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